At the reception of the hotel you will be able to book all the excursions available in the area. Ask our staff about the best options:

Cagliero Glacier Ice Trek (full day)

We'll go by bus to "Los Huemules Reserve" located at 16km from town. We'll do a trek through a trail in the middle of a Lenga tree forest inside of the private reserve and far away from the traditional trails. We'll enjoy an not so offen seen view of Fitz Roy Mountain, the northern face. We'll go through the trails, and walk al over the coast of Laguna Diablo, an easy but irregular trail until we reach the Via Ferrata. The trail gets more interesting and with best views as soon as we start to gain altitude. After walking 1,30hs we'll get to the Southern Cagliero Glacier's view point, were we'll get equiped to start to walk on the glacier. We'll have around 3hs of ice trek on the glacier, depending on the weather conditions and the group physical fitness.


Horse riding (half day)

One of the most attractive options for those who wish to leave the traditional trails is to go horse riding. Departing from the town, a bus will take you to one of the estancias located along the road to Lago del Desierto, where you'll find the horses to take you through some of the incredible scenery of the area, crossing forests and rivers. You will be able to see several of the mountains in the area, including Cerro Fitz Roy.

The tour last 4 hours more or less with around 2 hours of horse ride.

Kayak (full day)

A guided activity for kayakers and beginners alike. Descend though Rio de las Vueltas, starting from the FRAC (Fitz Roy Adventure Camp), located just north of Laguna Condor.  After a short class on how to navigate the river in the kayaks, it will be time to enter the water with our guides and enjoy the views while we paddle or simply let the current guide you.



The town has several transfer services that will takes you directly from the hotel to several points along ruta 41, like for example Chorrillo del Salto, Hosteria El Pilar, Rio Electrico and finally Lago del Desierto.

To return to El Calafate you can also hire a transfer directly from the hotel to the airport, arriving just in time for your flight. 

Fishing (half day or full day)

With so many rivers in the area, its no surprise that El Chalten is an ideal place for fishing enthusiasts. No matter how skilled you are, you can hire a personal guide and all the necessary equipment. The excursions can be either half or full day, and always include the transport from the hotel.


Guided conventional trails (half day or full day)

Even though you can do any of the traditional trails in the park on your own, there is also the option of hiring a personal guide (or to join a guided group). All the guides working in the park have extensive knowledge of the area, along with the animals and plants you find along the way. They will be able to tell you all the secrets of the park and surrounding areas.

Madsen's house museum (half day)

The tour starts at the agency's office and we walk through the town with the guide abouth 400mts to the Rio de las Vueltas bridge. There we'll begin a pleasant walk along the riverside while we slowly get to the Madsen's family history and the reasons they had to leave their country to start a new life on this beautiful place but far away from the rest of the world. Then in the house you'll be able to see the original construction of the house, original family's tools and furniture. Black and white photographies of those old days showing the life style of the pioneers, we'll share a coffee, tea or mate with some sweet things in the living room where Andreas get used to recieved his visitors from all over the world.


La Leona Petrified Forest (full day)

Halfway betwen El Chalten and El Calafate is the La Leona Petrified Forest, a place with a great number of fossils. It's possible to see petrified logs and bones from dinosurs surrounded by an impressive landscape.

This fascinating trail is about 3hrs long and you can see several fosils that have been uncovered by wind and water, with a stop at one of the sheltered places to have lunch. Due to the constant erosion, the landscape is very dynamic and changes continually, allowing you to discover new formations with every visit.

The service includes a guide, lunch box, and transport from and to the hotel in El Chalten, with the chance to start the trip in El Chalten and end in El Calafate, making it a good option for your last day in the town.


El Chalten has several bus services that connect it to other points in Patagonia. Some are direct buses like those that go all the way to Bariloche (following the famous Ruta 40) or to Torres del Paine in Chile. For other destinations you can travel to El Calafate to find connecting buses to every corner of Patagonia, including Ushuaia, Puerto Madryn, Esquel and many more.